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Informatica Power Center 9.x Administration Online Training

22 Feb, 2019
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Informatica Power Center 9.x Administration Online Training

Course Content:

Informatica Powercenter 9.X Online Training Course Content

1. Informatica Powercenter Training 9.X Overview:

Identify different Informatica Products
Describe PowerCenter as a tool to perform Extract transform & load
Interpret PowerCenter Architecture
Its different components & their functionalities
Explaining the advantages of component based development techniques in PowerCenter

2. Etl Fundamentals:

ETL & ETL Architecture
Flat file & relational Sources using the Source Analyzer
Flat file & relational Targets using the Target Developer
Mappings using the Mapping Designer
Workflows using the Workflow Designer
Monitor the workflow using the Workflow Monitor
Preview Target Data using the PowerCenter Designer

3. Informatica Powercenter Training Designer:

Describe & Visualize PowerCenter Designer
Explain how to create the mapping in Designer
Explain different Transformations & their usage

4. Informatica Powercenter Workflow Manager & Monitor:

Understanding PowerCenter Workflow Manager
Describe Flow within a Workflow
Describe Re-usability & Scheduling in the Workflow Manager
Understanding components of Workflow Monitor
Understanding Workflow Task & job handling

5. Advanced Transformation Techniques:

Understanding the advanced features & functions of Transformations
Learn about the Java Transformation
XML File handling, Learn to use Normalizer Transformation
Learn some advanced concepts of the ETL
Learn about reusable objects in the Informatica

6. Parameters & Variables:

Understanding different Parameters & Variables used in PowerCenter
Describing Mapping Parameter & Variables
Learn to use the Session Parameters
Learn to use the Workflow Variables

7. Debugging Troubleshooting Error Handling & Recovery:

Describing the basic Informatica PowerCenter training Error
Follow a basic troubleshooting methodology
Using the debugger
Use Workflow & Session logs to the diagnose errors
Recognize & repair, Connection Errors & Network errors
Design Error Handling Strategies for intended purpose
Understanding the recovery scenarios & mechanisms
Properly Configure Workflow & sessions for recovery
Understand the purpose of the High Availability
Monitoring the PowerCenter Environment

8. Caches:

Understanding the session cache
Describe when & why cache is created
Implementing session cache
Learn to calculate cache requirement

9. Performance Tuning & Optimization:

Control how PowerCenter uses memory
Control how PowerCenter uses CPUs
Understanding the performance counters
Isolate source, target & engine bottlenecks
Tune different types of bottlenecks
Configure Workflow & Session on Grid

10. Powercenter Repository Manager:

Recognize & explain the functionalities of the Repository Manager tool
Describing how to create & delete folders using the Repository Manager tool
Illustrate how to migrate components using Repository Manager Tool

11. Informatica Administration Console & Security:

Put in your own words an overview of PowerCenter Administration Console
Recognize & explain the integration & repository service properties
Identifying how to handle services in the Administration Console
Explaining how to handle locks through the Administration Console
Illustrate how to create users & groups

12. Informatica 9.X – Technical Architecture:

Understand Informatica 9.X Architecture
Describe the Application services related to PowerCenter & their related processes
Understanding the buffer memory
Describe Connectivity among the tolls
Describe Connection pooling used in PowerCenter

13. Informatica Installation & Configuration:

Step by step installations process
Configuration of the different Informatica PowerCenter training PC components & their set up
Backup & recovery, Operational procedures

14. Command Line Utilities:

Informatica frequently used commands

15. Etl Scenarios Using Informatica:

SCD, XML Processing
Flat file handling
Different Transformations
For loop implementations in the PC
Pushdown optimization
Constraint based loading
Incremental Aggregations

16. Best Practices & Velocity Methodologies:

ETL best practices using the Informatica PowerCenter training
Development Techniques
Error Handling & Data Migration
Performance Tuning

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